Shirley Henderson

Broker Associate

Jackson Stanley, REALTORS

Offering Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

About Shirley Henderson

Being transplanted into the little town of Easley in 1969, from Ohio was a great shocker. So, I guess you could say I'm a Half Breed Southern. I’ve really enjoyed the people and the quietness of the area. In 1986, I decided I wanted to do a job that had to do with really helping people and touching lives to make a great change in their lives. So, Real Estate was the field that I chose cause I love people. I have great patience and a great passion for making sure people get what they deserve in life. I went to school at Charles Wyatt Real Estate School, then went back to school to get my GGI and my ABR. In September of 1993, I went back to school got my Brokers License, and opened my own Real Estate Office for 14 Years. Then the great crash of the Real Estate market came through and I had to close my office. My love for the people wouldn't let me leave the world of Real Estate.

Over my 28 years of doing Real Estate, I've learned so much from the people and the industry. My motto “Is to give and treat others as I would like to be treated”. Over the years in this industry, I've achieved 21 years of experience in new construction. So, I can offer my clients to build a new house or Purchase an existing one. From doing new construction my eyes see everything that other people's eyes don't see. Also, it helps me to know good quality when I see it or bad quality. I love to educate my people so they don't get lost in the process and when they go through this experience again they will know really what to expect and understand it better. I learned over the years that if I understood the financing end I could help my clients even more. To make sure they are getting the best interest rate and using the best program for them. You can ask any of my other clients I will be with you till the end and then some more!!!